Hello friends! Many of you have felt very upset lately. This is a list of resources you can keep track of to try to cheer up. I hope it helps!
Anxiety Self Help Masterpost
Calming Manatee
Cute yahoo answers
Guided relaxation
The thoughts room
The quiet place
Have a hug!
Healthy alternatives masterpost
Learn a new hobby masterpost
Play Tetris
Breathing exercises
Go somewhere new
Emergency compliment
Having a bad night
Talking about mental health
Relax playlist
Another relaxing playlist
Reward yourself with kittens while you write!
Stress analyst
Coffee shop sounds (Help corgi found this most effective with calm music in the background!)
Nature sounds
More nature sounds
Drown out other noises (more sounds!)
If you like the sound of rain
Draw something silky!
Cut something (blood tw, woof!)
Play some more cute games
Break something (loud noise)
Paint a nebula
Self injury recovery
Vent online here or here.
Have an mobile application for anxiety!
If you or someone you know is at risk for suicide:
Look for help here.
Counseling and prevention (masterpost hosted by tumblr staff)
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every year after you turn 17 you get further away from being the age of the dancing queen and that’s my least favorite thing about growing up

ah but when you turn 34 you’re two dancing queens and thus having twice the time of your life. and at 51 you become the dancing triumvirate and three golden crowns are forged in your honor

lots to look forward to

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i think there is no greater dark magic than the cha-cha slide

you will never get a group of people obeying every command so quickly as you will by putting on that song.

every previous conversation grinds to a halt as everyone goes to the left and then takes it back now y’all

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benefits of being friends with me

  • shitty jokes whenever you ask for them
  • shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them
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sometimes i forget i’m not actually friends with some of you and i start to reply to your text posts and i have to stop myself

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xno why did you stop


if your girlfriend is cold, be a gentleman. put her in the oven for 40 minutes on 350. check often and serve plain or with white gravy

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how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck

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i’ve been laughing about this picture for almost twenty minutes


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You see three items before you:

A wig that can become any colour/style and never frizzes/goes out of place.

A needle/thread that can match any fabric and easily creates seams that never rip (can be used in a machine too).

Contacts that match your prescription if you have one and can become any colour/size that never dry out so you could theoretically leave them in forever.

You can only take one. Which one do you take? 

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xwig because i could wear anything but the hair is one of the most recognizable features of a character